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•  Melgar, D. y X. Pérez-Campos   Imaging the Moho and subducted oceanic crust at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico, from receiver functions, Pageoph 168 , 10.1007/s00024-010-0199-5, 2011
•  Lukac, M., V. Naik, I. Stubailo, A. Husker, and D. Estrin   In Vivo Characterization of a wide area 802.11b Wireless Seismic Array, 13th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (Mobicocm 2007)  , , 2007
•  Pavez, Remy, Bonvalot, Diament, Gabalda, Froger, Julien, Legrand, Moisset   Insight into ground deformations at Lascar volcano (Chile) from SAR interferometry, photogrammetry and GPS data: Implications on volcano dynamics and future space monitoring, Remote Sensing and Environment 100 307-320, , 2006
•  García, D., S.K. Singh, M. Herraiz, J.F. Pacheco, and M. Ordaz   Inslab earthquakes of Central Mexico: Q, source spectra and stress drop, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am. 94 3, 10.1785/0120030125, 2004
•  Pillet R., Deschamps A., Legrand D., Virieux J., Béthoux N., Yates B.   Interpretation of Broadband Ocean-Bottom Seismometer Horizontal Data Seismic Background Noise, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 99 1333–1342, , 2009
•  Legrand D., Rouland D., Frogneux M., Carniel R., Charley D., Roult G, Robin C.   Interpretation of Very Long Period tremors at Ambrym volcano, Vanuatu as quasi-Static Displacement Field related to two distinct magmatic sources, Geophysical Research Letters 32 , 10.1029/2004GL021968, 2005
•  UNAM Seismogy Group   Intraslab Mexican earthquakes of 27 April 2009 (Mw5.8) and 22 May 2009 (Mw5.6): a source and ground motion study, Geofísica Internacional 49 153-163, , 2010
•  Manea, V.C., M. Manea, V. Kostoglodov, G. Sewell   Intraslab Seismicity and Thermal Stress in the Subducted Cocos Plate beneath Central Mexico, Tectonophysics 420 389-408, , 2006
•  Ortí­z-Alemán C., J. Urrutia-Fucugauchi y A. Iglesias   Inversión de la estructura del Cráter de Chixchilub empleando Métodos de Optimización Global, Geofí­sica 57 , , 2002
•  Pérez-Campos, X.   MASE: Undergraduate Research and Outreach as Part of a Large Project, Seismol. Res. Lett. 79 232-236, , 2008
•  Cruz-Atienza V.M., J. Virieux & H. Aochi   Modélisation de la rupture dynamique par une méthode de différences finies pour des failles non-planaires, 7ème Colloque National de l'Association Française du Génie Parasismique  97-105, Ecole Centrale Paris, France, 2007
•  Hjorleifsdottir V, Kanamori H, Tromp J   Modeling 3D wave propagation and finite slip for the 1998 Balleny Islands earthquake, JGR–Solid Earth (114) B03301 , doi:10.1029/2008JB005975 , 2009
•  Mellors, R. J., V. Cruz-Atienza, A. Aulia, and Z. Kalmetyeva   Modeling the 2006 Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan earthquake and waveform propagation in the northern Tien Shan, Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium, Geodynamics of Intracontinental Orogens 15-23 June , 7 pp, 2008
•  Maufroy E., V.M. Cruz-Atienza, S. Operto, O. Sardou, G. Sénéchal, M. Dietrich, and S. Gaffet   Modelisation of topographic site effect 3D at the low noise underground laboratory (LSBB), Rustrel, France, 14e World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (14th WCEE) In proceedings pp 8, Beijing, China, Oct. 12-17, 2008
•  Legrand D., Kaneshima S., Kawakatsu H.   Moment tensor analysis of near field broadband waveforms observed at Aso volcano, Japan, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 101 155-169, , 2000
•  Legrand D., Villagómez D., Yepes H., Calahorrano A.   Multi-fractal dimension and b-value analysis of the 1998-1999 Quito swarm related to Guagua Pichincha volcano activity, Ecuador, Journal of Geophysical Research 109 , 10.1029/2003JB002572, 2004
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•  Delouis B., Legrand D.   Mw 7.8 Tarapaca intermediate depth earthquake of 13 June 2005 (northern Chile): Fault plane identification and slip distribution by waveform inversion., Geophysical Research Letters 34 , 10.1029/2006GL028193, 2007
•  Tromp J, Komatitsch D, Hjorleifsdottir V, Liu Q, Zhu H, Peter D, Bozdag E, McRitchie D, Friberg P, Trabant C, Hutko A   Near real-time simulations of global CMT earthquakes, GJI 183 (1) 381-389, 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2010.04734.x, 2010
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