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•  Castaños Heriberta and Cinna Lomnitz   Charles Darwin and the 1835 Chile Earthquake: Prograde ground motion, mountain building, and tsunamis, Seismological Research Letters,  84 19-23, , 2013
•  Robles-Gutiérrez, J.A., Cinna Lomnitz, C. Lacomba, J.M.A. Robles-Domínguez y M.A. Robles- Gutiérrez.   Dark Matter: A Result of Nonadditive Gravitational Forces, Geofísica Internacional, 52 153-157, , 2013
•  Galindo Domínguez, R.E., W.L. Bandy, C.A. Mortera Gutiérrez, and J. Ortega Ramírez   Geophysical-archaeological survey in Lake Tequesquitengo, Morelos, Mexico, Geofisica Internacional 52 261-275, , 2013
•  Pelaez Gaviria, J.R., C.A. Mortera Gutierrez, W.L.Bandy, and F. Michaud   Morphology and magnetic survey of the Rivera-Cocos plate boundary of Colima, Mexico, Geofísica Internacional, 52 73-85, , 2013
•  Yamamoto, Jaime, Tomas González-Moran, Luis Quintanar, Ana B. Zavaleta, Araceli Zamora and Victor H. Espindola   Seismic patterns of the Guerrero-Oaxaca, Mexico region, and its relationship to the continental margin structure, Geophysical Journal International 192 375-389, , 2013
•  Frank, W. B., N. M. Shapiro, V. Kostoglodov, A. L. Husker, M. Campillo, J. S. Payero, G. A. Prieto   Low-frequency earthquakes in the Mexican Sweet Spot, Geophysical Research Letters,  40 2661–2666, , 2013
•  Cavalié, O., E. Pathier, M. Radiguet, M. Vergnolle , N. Cotte, A. Walpersdorf , V. Kostoglodov, and F. Cotton   Slow slip event in the Mexican subduction zone: Evidence of shallower slip in the Guerrero seismic gap for the 2006 event revealed by the joint inversion of INSAR and GPS data, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 367 52-60, , 2013
•  Pérez-Campos, X., R. W. Clayton   Evidence of upper mantle processes related to continental rifting versus oceanic crust in the Gulf of California, Geophysical Journal International,  , , 2013
•  Pérez-Campos, X., D. Melgar, S. K. Singh, Víctor M. Cruz-Atienza, A. Iglesias, V. Hjörleifsdóttir   Rapid estimation of fault parameters for tsunami warning along the Mexican subduction zone: A scenario earthquake in the Guerrero seismic gap, Seismological Research Letters 84-3 , , 2013
•  Ramos-Zúñiga, L. G., J. C. Montalvo-Arrieta, X. Pérez-Campos, C. Valdés-González   Seismic characterization of station LNIG as a reference site in Northeast Mexico, Geofísica Internacional 51-2 187-197, , 2012.
•  Singh, S. K., X. Pérez-Campos, A. Iglesias, D. Melgar   A Method for Rapid Estimation of Moment Magnitude for Early Tsunami Warning Based on Coastal GPS Networks, Seismological Research Letters 83-3 516-530, , 2012.
•  Tago, J., V. M. Cruz-Atienza, J. Virieux, V. Etienne, and F. J. Sánchez-Sesma   A 3D hp-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin method for modeling earthquake dynamics, Journal of Geophysical Research 117 , doi: 10.1029/2012JB009313, 2012
•  Morán-Rodríguez, S. and Novelo-Casanova, D.A   Spatial Analysis of the level of exposure to seismic hazards of health facilities in Mexico City, Geomatics and Risk Analysis  1-14, , 2012
•  Novelo-Casanova, D.A., Y.A. Antonio-Nakamura, V. Valdés-Pérez, and G. Pineda-Loperena   Measuring social vulnerability from risk perception. Case study: The Nonoalco-Tlatelolco housing complex damaged during the Mexican 1985 major earthquake, Humanities and Social Sciences Review  253-262, , 2012
•  Sánchez-Núñez, Juan Manuel, José Luis Macías, José Juan Zamorano-Orozco, Ricardo Saucedo, José Ramón Torres, David Novelo   Mass movement processes at the Motozintla basin, Southern Mexico, Geofísica Internacional 51-2 169-184, , 2012
•  Calderoni, G., A. Rovelli y S.K. Singh   Stress drop and source scaling of the 2009 April L'Aquila earthquakes, Geophysical Journal International 192 260-274, , 2012
•  Singh, S. K., X. Pérez-Campos, A. Iglesias, D. Melgar   A Method for Rapid Estimation of Moment Magnitude for Early Tsunami Warning Based on Coastal GPS Networks, Seismological Research Letters 83-3 516-530, , 2012
•  Singh, S.K., A. Iglesias, V.H. Garduño, L. Quintanar y M. Ordaz   , A source study of the October, 2007 earthquake sequence of Morelia, Mexico and ground-motion estimation from larger earthquakes in the region,, Geofísica Internacional 51-1 73-86, , 2012
•  Singh, S.K., J. F. Pacheco, M. Ordaz, R.S. Dattatrayam, G. Suresh y P.R. Baidya   Early tsunami potential from earthquakes in the Sumatra-Andaman region based on broadband seismograms in India, Natural Hazards 64 1491-1510, , 2012
•  Terán-Mendieta, Luis F. and Raúl W. Valenzuela   Radial S wave velocity structure of the D" region under a spot of the east central Pacific Ocean, Geofísica Internacional 51 207-224, , 2012
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