Volume 7, Special Issue

2017 Biennial Meeting of Latinmag, Juriquilla, Querétaro, México

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This special issue of LATINMAG LETTERS includes the proceedings of the contributions of the contributions presented at the

Fifth (2017) Biennial Meeting of the
Latin-American Association of Paleomagnetism and Geomagnetism (LATINMAG)





The Fifth (2017) biennial meeting of the Latin American Association of Paleomagnetism and Geomagnetism  (LATINMAG 2017)  was held at theCentro Académico y Cultural” of the Juriquilla Campus-UNAM, next to the Geociencias Center (, in the city of Querétaro, México from September 18th to 22th of 2017.

diez-anios.pngThis meeting is a special one, since our society celebrates 10 years of its foundation. We give Daniel Valencio recognition to two great colleagues: Marcia Ernesto and Ana Sinito. We remember and pay homage to Ruben Somoza for his important contributions to the paleomagnetism of our region.

This meeting program comprised 81 contributions: 4 invited lectures, and 77 regular presentations; 47 of the latter were conferences and 28 were presented as posters. The contributions cover a wide range of topics that were organized in different mixed sessions during the Meeting; the program of the meeting can be seen at:

In the present volume the contributions are subdivided into the five main topics (GEP, MA, PM, MR, AM) described in the Index, and an additional one of general topics (GP). The invited lectures and some contributions are not published here because authors did not present their contributions as Expanded Abstracts, so they are available as short abstracts in the program meeting. The Expanded Abstracts were all submitted to revision, we thanks to the reviewers of the editorial board that did the revisions and of course to the authors for their efforts an quick response. We would also like to acknowledge all members of the Local Organizing Committee for accomplishing a very successful and charming meeting.


Editors:  Ana Maria Soler Arechalde, Cecilia I. Caballero Miranda.


Technical Editor: Cecilia Caballero Miranda


Editorial Board:  Milagrosa Aldana, German Bayona, Danielle Brant, Anna Caccavari, Manuel Calvo Rathert, Angel Carrancho, Rubén Cejudo, Marcos A. E. Chaparro, Vincenzo Costanzo-Álvarez, Claudia Gogorza, Avto Goguichashvili, María Paula Iglesia Llanos, Alicia Irurzun, María Julia Orgeira, Claudia Prezzi, M. Irene B. Raposo, Leda Sánchez Betucci, Renata N. Tomezzoli, Juan Julio Morales, Ane Soler Arechalde, Cecilia I. Caballero Miranda



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